Will the Rumored Fable 4 be the Exclusive X Box needed?

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

After numerous rumors about the upcoming 2020 release of Fable 4 it seems like these rumors could very well be true, and this could be the exclusive game X Box needed for the launch of the X Box Series X.

If you don't know much about the Fable series its an Action Adventure RPG that was developed by Lionhead Studios(Black & White) who filed for Bankruptcy and closed in 2016 in the middle of developing Fable Legends which never got released. The first game of the series was released as an exclusive game for the original X Box console in 2004 and was followed by Fable 2, Fable 3 and the remake of the original titled Fable Anniversary and which were X Box 360 exclusives as well as a Kinect only Fable game called Fable Journeys, a beat em up spin off only on Xbox Live Arcade called Fable Heroes and a Strategy card game for Android called Fable Fortune.

For many years Fable has been my favorite game series specifically Fable 2, and has been the sole reason I became an X Box player for so long. Once the Fable games stopped coming I eventually came back to Playstation.

Fable 4 is being developed by Playground Games(Forza Horizon), and is set to release sometime this year. Other than that here is what we know about the game and its story.

Albion has been destroyed by an asteroid that got wished into existence by a Mad King who took control of the Tattered Spire, the Will-fuelled tower from Fable 2 that granted the person who controlled it one wish once it was built. So now it's down to you to use time travel to save it. Theresa and the Guild are hiding away on another planet that you can access via a demon door, but if you want you can ignore the entirety of the main quest and never become a hero at all. Players can also build their own towns in the completely open world, which ties into the main quest (unsurprising for anyone who's played any Fable games), plus the character creator is majorly in depth. For those who were miffed about the guns in Fable 3 and 2, you can rest assured that there are zero guns in Fable 4. Oh yeah, and there's finally multiplayer! The whole thing is being made in Unreal Engine so it should look pretty darn good.

So what do you think about Fable 4 so far? Are you excited about the return of this once popular franchise? Tell us what you think by leaving us a comment below.

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