What We Want!: Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Updated: May 16, 2020

So i had pre ordered the Final Fantasy Remake game for PS4 and i've been playing it slowly partially because i've been busy and partially because i've just been busy with so many other games someLC which i've already been behind on.

But anyways as i'm playing ff7 i start thinking about all the possible DLC they could make for the game and some ideas or updates they could use to make the game better. I've played through the original ff7 for PS1 and even the Dirge of Cerberus spinoff for PS2 and the Crisis core spin off for psp. I've even watched the Advent Children movie, so i'm a huge fan of the FF7 Franchise as well as just FF games in general. So i decided to write and article to share some of my ideas and things i would like to see for the future of FF7 and particularly its remake. And I would like for you guys to comment any of your ideas maybe we can get these groups of ideas into the game and even if not it's fun to think and talk about. So anyways lets get started.

1. Crisis Core DLC: I don't know if a remake of the crisis core game itself would be something they should do but i would like some shortened version of it in the form of DLC. CC is kind of important into the FF7 history as its a prequel that follows the story of Zack Fair and the events leading up to Clouds story, it also give you some unique insight on Sephiroth. They could also bundle it with some sort of Zack costume or skin for cloud???? Maybe or not. Either way this would be a DLC i would definitely pay to see.

2. Vincent Valentine/ Dirge of Cerberus DLC: Alot of you may remember Vincent wasnt really apart of the main story and was kind of a secret in the game and could only be found by really exploring in FF7. For this reason i feel like Vincent should be a DLC and not apart of the main cast. Also Vincent is just an awesome character and one of my all time favorite FF characters. To go with this or even as extra maybe a shortened version of Dirge of Cerberus could be released as a DLC allowing you a little more insight and playability with vincent.

3. Yuffie DLC: Like Vincent yuffie was kind of a hidden character and the game could be completed without ever even knowing about yuffie. and just like vincent i feel like this would make yuffie a perfect DLC. Yuffie is a cool ninja character, she is a cute character that adds a little comedy to the game.

4. Visible Armor Customizations: Throughout the game you can change your armor and weapons, but for some reason only your weapon visibly changes on your character your armor always looks the same. I would like to be able to see the difference of the customizable armors we find.

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