What Kind of Gamer are you?

One Thing thats sets gamers apart other than the System they prefer is the type of gamer they are. I Like to think that their are 5 Types of Gamers.

1. The Professional Gamer: Is just that someone who plays games professionally as job and source of income, a gamer that competes in tournaments and leagues.

2. Game Nerd: Someone who does not plays games professionally but plays hours and hours of video games everyday.

3. Casual Gamer: Someone who plays videos games several days a week or often but not every day.

4. Mutual Gamers: Someone who likes Games but doesnt play them often maybe one or 2 days of a month.

5. Social Gamers: People who prefere to play video games only with friends.

Now Gamers can also be split up into 3 more categories Console Gamers, PC Gamers, and now Mobile Gamers.

I Consider myself to be somewhere between a Casual Gamer and Game Nerd. And im more of a Console Gamer. Please leave your comments and tell us what kind of gamer you are and why.

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