What Happened to Google Stadia?

Updated: May 16, 2020

At the beginning of the next generation console war I kept seeing Ads for Googles Stadia console everywhere, it was all over my social media pages, and Youtube.

Now fast forward several months and I have not herd one more word about its, almost like it was over shadowed by the Xbox X Series, and the PS5, and the Nintendo Switch that have just released the Switch Lite. So what happened?

First lets take a look at some of the features and attributes of the Google Stadia-

1. STREAMING: The first thing about the Google Stadia is there are no Game discs or cartridges or the pesky time consuming Downloads, the games instantly stream to your Console, another perk of this is the noise reduction with No fans, and no spinning discs the console sits very quietly under your TV. From other reviews I have read that with fairly good internet service there is no lag of any kind, but if you don't have that good of a service then this may not be the system for you.

2. THE CONSOLE/CONTROLLER: One big feature that you will notice with the Console is their is no actual console its just the Google Stadia controller and a Google Chromecast Ultra Streaming stick, At the moment you have to use the Chromecast Ultra that's in the box to play Stadia, you cant just use your old Chromecast Ultra yet. The controller is nothing fancy but nothing bad it just looks like a simple standard knock off controller similar to the Xbox One controllers and it has no fancy gimmicks like motion sensitivity or a touchpad. It does include two buttons that integrate googles other services, one button accesses Google Assistant while the other button instantly uploads you game clips or snapshots to Youtube.

3. THE GAMES: This is where I think the downfall for the Google stadia is. Other than their one single exclusive a game called Gylt which is said to look like Coraline but play like Metal Gear Solid, all the other games that came out at launch are older games that came out in 2018 or older. Games thats most people have already played and probably own on other consoles.

4. OTHER: A few other things to bring up is the Google Stadia allows a player to play in 3 different ways. The Main way is by Using your Google Chromecast ultra and plug the controller to the TV allowing you to play directly on your TV. The 2nd way is by Plugging the controller into your PC or MAC and access the stadia website. And 3rd if you happen to have a Google Pixel phone you can plug the controller into the phone and play using the Google Stadia app. The problem with this is your still restricted basically to playing in your home. You cant take it to a friends house and play it unless they to have Google Stadia and even then its kind of a hastle to connect it to their Google Chromecast, The service isnt reccomended for anything other than a home serivice so gaming using public wifi services like during your lunch break at a job is off limits, but you still need to be connected to a service so even if you do have a Google Pixel phone you would still have to be connected to your home service, and currently the Google Pixel is the only Phone that will operate with Google Stadia. And last but not least currently no games use the Share to Youtube feature, their are supposedly games in the works but none are out yet.

Conclusion: So I would have to say I can see why the console kinda disappeared, I feel like Google had an amazing idea but rushed it for release. it has so much potential but i feel like to really catch peoples eye in this very competitive industry they should have really pushed all the features and exclusives they could at launch.

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