Sim Torture and Abuse Awareness!

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

You know what I'm talking about. You create a new Sim family just so you can start deleting doors and TRAP them all together. Then, you wait patiently till the worst cook outa' them Sims starts a fire, leaving no escape. Like ants under a magnifying eyeglass, they panic and run around all the while you, the all-knowing Gamer, observe and analyze. You watch the fire. You watch the flames. You watch the firefighters on the other side of the door waving their arms in panicked confusion. Figure 3-4, below, depicts a similar scene involving a Sims Family aflame.

Perhaps, you explore some extremes: deleting cooking devices to watch them starve. Or maybe you delete the poor bastards' toilets and bathtub(s). Heck, just making 10 Sims live in a one bed/one bath will do the trick. The tragic events below in figure 3-5 depict the misfortune exemplified in the previous sentence.

But one must beg the question: is this humane? Is this normal behavior for a gamer? Is this normal for a Sims video gamer.

Absolutely f@#!ing not! Sims are people too! You should get yourself checked out. You should check you before you wreck you. Maybe a therapist is in order? Email me and I'll give you the number to mine. He is great!.

(My Therapist.)

Anyways back to my point. Sims are pet people. Think about it they eat, sleep, talk, walk, work, cook, and even involve themselves in romantic intimacy. But you think its Ok to torture them. Well how about I contact P.E.T.S. That's right the People for the Ethical Treatment of Sims. I'm sure they would like to know about your mistreatment of sims, torturing them just so you can go and trade them in for a new family you just spent 4 hours of your lonely miserable life creating, And this is what you do to your children!

Sim torture and abuse is wrong and it's very real! Bottom line If you know of someone mistreating or abusing their sims or if you yourself or someone you know are a victim of Sim abuse please contact us @ and will will investigate the issue. Just know that we at Lazygamer or at least 1 or 2 of us are here for you.

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