Now Hiring!

LazyGamer is looking for Volunteer Freelance writers, artists, photographers, web designers, marketers and investors. We are looking for people who want to come together as a team to build a project that may later become a career or potential for furthering your career. Here is what we are looking for in each field.

1. Writers: We are looking for Freelance writer no experience or degree required, just someone who has a passion for writing and is either knowledgeable about video games or atleast has a general interest in video games and likes to do research. Writers will be expected to post at least 1 blog posts a week at any time or date.

2. Artists/Photographers, web designers: Looking for creative individuals who can help design and build this website along with our writers to give our readers an enjoyable experience. Artists and Photographers may also be tasked with coming up with or designing merchandise or team uniforms logos or etc.

3. Marketers: We are looking for people with no experience but are willing to share the word and get our name out there. Marketers will be expected to share our Links, and posts on social media as well as present other methods of marketing our community.

4. Investors: Not looking to get your hands dirty but wanna donate to the cause or Invest in our community for future revenue game in the future. Anybody can be an investor or donate money.

If you are interested in this plz Join the site as a member and message me directly or email us @ for details. Other job entries or volunteers may apply. At the moment this a volunteer program offered to people as a hobby but in the future could earn all of us income. In other words if the site starts making money you will start making money. Therefore we must all work as a team to make this a reality. #projectlazygamer.

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