My Thoughts on Pokemon?

Updated: May 12, 2020

So Pokemon is huge topic in the gaming community under many different levels from The Video Games and Anime, To their trading card game, and toys. Pokemon as a video games was released in 1996 on The Nintendo Gameboy. But unlike any other game before them they released 2 versions of the same game Pokemon Red Version and Pokemon Blue Version, or Pokemon Green Version in Japan. The Game was released as a simple rpg game featuring a young boy who traveled around a fictional country fighting, collecting and trading monster called Pokemon. Their were originally 150 Different pokemon to collect, some pokemon were only found in the red version of the game and some were only found in the blue version of the game, which forced players to trade via GameLink cable with other players, players could also battle each other and give gifts via GameLink.

Now fastforward and its 2019 basically 2020, and we've seen countless games movies etc etc.

I was 9 when the original series launched im 32 now and i still enjoy a classic pokemon game play the oldest ones RED, Blue, Gold, Silver, Ruby and Sapphire, on my PC using Simulators. I have a 6yo son who i bought a 3DS and along with it all the games from black and white, Y&Z and Sun and Moon. Although I don't currently own a Switch i've yet to Play lets go pikachu/Eevee, or Pokemon Sword and Shield. I've also played some of the N64 Era pokemon games like Pokemon Stadium, and Pokemon Snap, and i've tried playing the Recent Pokemon Go on Android. I used to love the Anime when i was younger having seen several seasons of the original anime series, and the first 3 pokemon movies, i was an avid pokemon card collector for a while in childhood as well that is until i moved onto Yugioh.

What i'm trying to say i guess is i'm not exactly new to the pokemon games lol. Before I get into my insight as a pokemon game fan and express some of my opinions. I'm not a gaming expert or even like the "Top Pokemon Fan" or anything like that i don't work in the gaming industry or anything. So i like to express what knowledge i do have that i base my opinions on, so please dont judge me if i'm wrong or in any way offend you.

Anyways, while i've been pleased with the canon pokemon series, i would really like to see a lot more progression in the series instead of just selling us the same game over and over featuring more and more pokemon. I think we need a break from new pokemon and maybe go back and visit the past but....better.. something more then Fire Red and Leaf Green, Heart Gold or Soul Silver. I think they should go back and sort of reinvent the whole series.

I would like to see Pokemon become a real contender in the Rpg Genre for Nintendo. Lets See a stronger and more in depth story with Character development, and maybe even character creation and customization. Maybe even some unique pokemon customizations. I would like to see more action and details in the battle system maybe stray away from turn based or atleast more animated attacks. Maybe have the pokemon's personality change and adapt to the choices you make in the series.

If done right maybe even make this into a MMORPG, with a massive map that allows you to travel to any of the eight regions, collecting all of the current 493 pokemon, battling friends joining groups (Team Rocket, Team Magma, Team Aqua, Team Galactic, Plasma, Flare, Skull etc etc,,) or maybe even create your own teams and factions with your friends or people all over the world, and whatever you do leave that horrible ball throwing finger flicking arm throwing battle system of pokemon Go and Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu/Eevee, let's face it we wanna battle our pokemon not beat one to death with a pokeball. We want a reason to collect these monsters, spending countless hours training them and leveling them.

Thanks for reading my thoughts on Pokemon please comment below and let me know some of your thoughts and/or ideas on pokemon.

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