My Thoughts on Farcry.

Updated: May 12, 2020

So i have a confession to make i came unto the farcry series a little late only having played Farcry 3, Farcry: Primal, Farcry 4, Farcry 5 and Farcry: New Dawn. I wasnt really aware of the first 2 games and had never even herd of the series until Farcry 3 was introduced to me by a friend. Now in my defence the first farcry was released in 2004 meaning i was 17 at the time and Farcry was developed by a smaller lesser known Company by the name of Crytek. Since Farcry 3 Ubisoft has developed and published the Farcry Series, which i think is why it started to gain more popularity. But for my thoughts and opinions on this article i am only gonna use my knowledge based off of the ones ive played.

First of all Farcry 3 was one of the greatest games i have ever played, idk if i had ever really considered a survival game to even be a genre until i played a game farcry 3, the game was beautiful, it was fun, it had the best combination of fun and diffaculty, i felt like some of the missions were a challenge, the story was damatic and a total shock fest throughout the whole game, and kept me on the edge of my seat, i loved the hunting, i loved the outposts, pretty much everything about the game.

Now Farcry Primal and Farcry 4, i thought were ok but Farcry Primal i thought was neat, it was fun at first but after a while of getting over the fact that your playing as a caveman the excitment kinda wore off, FC4 it was just like meh all the stuff from FC3 but now watered down with a lil bit of Assassins creed cloned gameplay. Like primal with FC4 it didnt take me long to lose interest i just didnt find the map or the story as interesting as i did in FC3.

Most rcently Farcry 5 and Farcry New Dawn, FC5 really re sparked my interest in farcry. Once again the villan was interesting and the map was something new and interesting. They staryed a little away from the assainse creed feel of the gameplay and also introduced the Guns for Hire and the Fangs for hire game play allowing you to unlock 6 Specilist to fight for you, 2 Random fighters or 3 Animals who will assist ou in combat. And with New Dawn it was the same with a little bit of farcry post apocalypse flair, it was new refreshing and fun. and kept everything I liked about farcry.

I cant really say i would like to see alot of change in the series. I would like a third person view option to be able to actually see the character im customizing. and would maybe like to see a voice added to the character as well. I would like to also see a more detailed vehicle and weapons upgrade system.

If you played farcry and liked or disliked the game tell us about it in the comments below.

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