My Thoughts on Dragon Age.

Updated: May 12, 2020

So i was very excited to write this article Dragon Age is one of my favortie series of all time and the original Dragon Age: Origins is probably my 2nd favorite game of all time. Ive played and own all of the games including Dragon Age: Awakening, and i own and have played all DLC's.

Dragon Age: Origins was the first of the series and is just a great classic RPG game developed by Bioware Games and published by EA Games in the year 2009. Origins was perfect for RPG lovers with an in depth story line and characters with alot of developement. You have character customization with 3 races to choose from Human, Elf, or Dwarf, you can ofcourse be male or female. and choose between 3 different classes Warrior, Rogue, and Mage. The map is huge and loaded with loot, their is so much to do and find in this game. Their is also 3 different story lines you can play through for each race or class. Dragon Age: Awakening was an Expansion pack to Origins was released in 2010 and included 7 party members 2 of which returned from Origins, this was basical an epilogue for Origins and brought just as much needed enjoyments.

Dragon Age 2 was just a little bit of a dissapontment, not alot just a little. While i really enjoy DA2, their was just a few things i really missed, first is the character customization wasnt near as detailed and the ability to choose races were missing. The story wasnt near as good and seemed a little cheesy, and the characters just didnt seem as likeable as the characters in Origins/Awakening. Dragon Age 2 Released in 2011. One thing i do like over Origins is the combat system, its more free and less turn based. But overall in DA2 their just wasnt enough to do either, which is a real disaapointment in a semi open world map. The amount of Weapons and items just seem very limited compared to Origins. I also dislike the fact that I cant customize my party members armors or weapons.

Dragon Age: Inquisition was released in 2014 and is currentyl the latest game in the series. Inquistition was great. Everything I loved about Origins and everything i liked about DA2 came back into one game. The story is great, the characters are cool, they brought back the different race choices, and the map is incredibly huge with so much to do to keep you busy even without the DLC. Another one of my favorite games of all time. Im actually one of the people that bought this game on Xbox 360 then rebought it when it came back out for the Xbox One.

The Question is now what does the future hold for the Dragon Age Franchise? Ok so we know theirs gonna be another DA currently dubbed DA4, this was rumored and hinted around to for a long time until finally at The Game Awards 2018 a 1 minute sneak peek trailer was released. After the downfall of Mass Effect and the Abomination of a game Anthem im really worried to see what bioware has instore for DA. I really hope they dont go the MMORPG way like Anthem or the Doomed Fallout 76. Maybe release and online version as a seperate game but i still want to play my single player DA experince. I want to see a huge open world map for DA for the first time, i would like for them to keep character customizations and the race choices. But mostly I dont wanna see any new party members, i wanna learn more about the old party members. How about have the past characters return to help the inquisitor. And if their is a new party members let it be the Gray Warden and Hawke. Thats pretty much it, but as it comes down to it me being a biased fan of the series i will still by this game and atleast attempt to enjoy it regardless of what i hear.

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