Updated: Jun 23, 2020

So as you may know Mortal Kombat Aftermath DLC was recently released as well as a free update for Mortal Kombat 11. And if your not aware of Mortal Kombat Aftermath, it's a new DLC expansion for Mortal Kombat 11, it was just released May 26th and included a short story expansion that continues from the original ending in the game, as well as 3 new characters, returning mortal kombat legends the witch queen Sindel, and the four-armed female shokan named sheeva, as well as a new fighter Robocop from the much loved Robocop films.

I just got the Aftermath DLC and I loved it, yes the story expansion is really short, but it's really good and I think it's just what the fans needed to hold them off till the next Mortal Kombat, although I would like to see more story expansions in the future. I think this is a cool and unique feature for a fighting game to actually have a story DLC. It was pretty fun to and had a lot of diversive and really fun fights and deep encounters into the Mortal Kombat lore. The DLC also even has 2 different endings depending on a very important choice at the end.

Now for the new characters I was not particularly thrilled, but this could just be me. Robocop is awesome, just let me say that, he is a fun character I really enjoy playing with him and seeing his different abilities and lines from the 90's films come back to life in this game. But i was not impressed with Sindel and Sheeva and this is only in my opinion but neither character has ever been a favorite of mine although they are very important in the Mortal kombat lore. Sindel to me is the better character to fight with at least she is kinda fun. Sheeva is just to clunk for me, and I know her character is meant to play that way, Because i mean let's face it she is a giant four-armed muscle women. But she is just not for me.

The Aftermath DLC is also comes with a "Thanks a million" Johnny Cage skin, and Three new skin packs which are being released at later dates.

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