I Got 999 Problems But a B!@#$ Ain't One (The Story Behind Vaults 68 and 69 in Fallout.)

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

So, if you have ever played a Fallout game, you probably already know that each Vault is created by the fictional company, Vault-Tec. has some sort of twisted experiment used to study humans and their survival.

But what I find most interesting is the vaults 68 and 69. Vault 68 isn't canon to the series and is only found in the book called the Fallout Bible. In Vault 68 there are 1000 residents but what's odd is there are 999 male vault dwellers and only 1 female. Now Vault 69 is the exact opposite of Vault 68. Vault 69 is considered canon and was featured in the books "One man and a crate of puppets", as well as the Fallout Bible and Van Buren(Unreleased Fallout 3) concept art. Vault 69 had 999 female residents but only 1 male.

The irony behind the vault numbers is 68 which is the name of the sex position mentioned in the book "Kama Sutra" which is for the sexual pleasure of women. While 69 is of course another sexual reference from the "Kama Sutra".

But while this may seem funny let's look at the scientific experiment behind the two vaults and the actions and reactions that would occur. In Fallout, the residents of the Vaults were locked away for 200 years. This means the vault dwellers would have to reproduce and repopulate to survive.

Can you imagine? 999 men but only 1 single female. For the vault to continue to repopulate the 1 single woman would have to have a baby every year for the rest of her life or at least as long as she is still able to produce eggs. This would also most likely put a lot of strain on the woman's body and a lot of stress on her mind. To efficiently populate some of the men would most likely have to reproduce with any of the woman's children that were born female. Her sons would also have to reproduce with their half-sisters resulting in a long line of statutory rape and incest. In the human race, the sex ratio between males to females is 105 males to 100 females. The 1 woman would not be able to have 100 children. so roughly for every 10 children, she would have most likely only about 2 or 3 would be female.

Now, on the other hand, you have 999 females and only 1 male. This is a completely different problem. The problem here wouldn't be the re-population for the male could create more than 1 child a year unless for some reason he was sterile and in this case, they would be doomed from the start, so for the sake of this discussion were gonna say he is not sterile. The male could theoretically produce 999 children a year, who in turn could all reproduce together. The problem with this experiment would be the mental anguish of the man. With no other men to confide in he would soon feel lonely and out of place. Also, that's

hundred of women having their menstrual cycle at the same time all while being trapped in a small vault.

Another thing to consider is the rule of power in the two vaults. Would the single male or female have power over the others or would they be overpowered? Would the 999 men consider how the 1 female is feeling and keep her needs in mind? Would the 999 females consider the 1 male there a king?

What do you think about Vaults 68 and 69? How do you think the scenarios would pan out? Let us know what you think in the comments below. Or join us at lazygamer.org and become a member of the LazyGamer community here.

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