How Far is Too Far in Gaming?

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

For this article I wanted to touch on the topic of Violence, Nudity, and Vulgar language in video games, and try to answer the question. How far is to far? Is there even such a thing as to far? Since Mortal Kombat hit the market in 1992 and sparked a revolution calling for the need of the ESRB rating that you may see on our games today, video games have pushed the boundaries for what we are allowed to see or witness in these games.

(Pictured Below: Fatality; Mortal Kombat).

Every since Mortal Kombat the violence in video games has done nothing but become more and more extreme over the years and not only for fighting games, but for Action and especially horror games. Big games like Grand Theft Auto, Saints Row, Resident Evil, Sunset overdrive and many others have raised the bar for video games. Some games likes GTA and Saints Row have allowed people to shoot pedestrians, steal cars, and pretty much do anything they want to when it comes to violence. For games like Mortal Kombat and Resident Evil blood and gore have became the way to raise the bar for violence in video games. Mortal Kombat has overstepped the blood and violence by the use of Fatalities, Brutalities, and X-Rays moves that show fighters performing obscene and brutal acts to their opponents.

(Pictured Below: Mortal Kombat X Ray Move)

But games don't just stop with the violence vulgar language has become a popular thing for video games now days, even the latest Final Fantasy 7 Remake has added vulgarity into the dialogue of the game. Once again games like GTA, Saints Row and Sunset overdrive top the charts for vulgar video games, and seem to have no limits to what can be said in a game. Some of the aforementioned games have even introduced drug and alcohol use in games, also most noticeably in Far Cry and Fallout games, where drugs actually cause characters to gain perks or harm the character or even both.

(Pictured Below: Deceased pedestrian from GTA)

Nudity is something we haven't really seen much of in games, yeah theirs a few little details in some games that already push the limits on violence and vulgarity, but none really that shocking, nothing X rated. Could X rated games for household consoles have a market, could that be a thing of the future, I think given with the rising popularity of VR that its quite popular. For some games the use of obscene acts are meant to give the game a more realistic feal, or to promote certain emotions in the players, but for some games the overuse of nudity, violence and vulgar language are to shock and surprise the players and really just to see what they can get away with.

(Pictured Below: Drug Addict, Mama Murphy; Fallout 4)

How far are these game developers willing to go in games? Do you think that violence and vulgar language are a problem in video games today? Should there be more restrictions on what developers can do with a game? Should there be less? Let us know in the comments!

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