Greedfall the Most Underrated RPG

It's been a while since we've seen a really good single-player RPG it's been years. It was 2014 since Dragon Age: Inquisition, 2017 since we got Mass Effect Andromeda, 2011 since we got Skyrim, and 2015 since the release of Fallout: 4. The closest thing we have gotten since then is the Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

But one game that has gone kind of unnoticed is GreedFall. GreedFall is an Action RPG developed by Spiders and published by Focus Home Interactive. It was released on September 10th, 2019 on Playstation 4, X Box One, and PC.

I think the reason Greedfall hasn't received the credit it deserves is due to the many horrible games made by Spiders in the past. Games such as Faery: Legends of Avalon and Technomancer didn't do so well and have given the company a bad rap. But GreedFall is leagues above any of their past titles and deserves a playthrough from any fan of RPG's.

The game doesn't look the best Graphic wise and is riddle with small graphical glitches but nothing like the glitches from a Bethesda game, none that have ruined the game or made me angry. Also, the voice acting and character creation are so-so. Nothing amazing or wow but not horrible.

But what is great about the game is the art style and the unique story of the game. The look of the game is priceless, it doesn't take the form of your typical Medieval style RPG games like Dragon Age, Elderscrolls, Fable, and many many others. Instead, they take a 17th-century style approach which makes the game it's own. The armor and costumes resemble a 17th-century french look, with cool looking capes and unique pirate and pilgrim style hats and clothing.

As for the story, players assume the role of De Sardet whose look is customizable. De Sardet is a noble from the faction known as the Merchant Congregation. In the game people including De Sardet's mother have become ill from a black plague type sickness, so the Merchant Congregation sends De Sardet, and a few others to a newly discovered island named Teer Fradee in hopes of finding a cure for this new disease. On the island, there are several factions the player can align with by doing small side quests, and other missions along the way. One of the factions in the game is the island's natives, who possess powerful magic. Although this may sound easy Teer Fradee is not your normal remote island. It contains many unique monstrous beasts to fight, some even giant creatures.

The gameplay itself is pretty smooth as well and reminds me a lot of Dragon Age. The player can customize their character and has a choice of 3 job classes including warrior who uses melee weapons such as swords, and maces, Rangers who use long-range weapons like rifles and pistols, and Magic-users who of course use magic. There are several different attributes and skills that allow the player to perform special acts such as Crafting, potion-making, lockpicking, and even charisma skills which allow you to use unique choices in conversations.

As for the map, another Dragon Age similarity is a semi open-world game allowing the character to travel to different locations to explore, places that include dense forests, 17th-century style cities, and island native villages. The details on the map are extraordinary. The cities look realistically lived with trash and debris covering the streets and many busy NPC characters walking around or performing everyday tasks which are a huge step from some of Spider's other games.

The game has a pretty good amount of replay value as you can play through as different classes all while making different decisions throughout the game.

I don't think Greedfall is an amazingly awesome game but it is pretty good, especially for someone who has been longing for that new refreshing RPG. It deserves a playthrough and I would rate at 6/10.

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