Gamefly Review

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Honestly I love Gamefly. I currently subscribe to Gamefly and have for over a year now, and I have subscribed to them in the past as well. And the only reason I ever unsubscribed from Gamefly in the first place was because I was strapped for cash and had to cancel subscriptions, not because of anything I didn't like about their subscription.

What I like about Gamefly is if your like me and dont have alot of extra cash lying around to be able to spend $59.99 on a brand new game every time it releases, this site allows you play those games without buying them. Also it gives you the ability to try out new games before you buy, so there aren't any regrets on your purchase. I mean come on we've all had that time we bought a game that had really been hyped up spending $60 just to get home and realize it wasn't at all how you hoped it would be and you immediately regret buying it.

With Gamefly if you decide you do like the game you can always choose to keep it and buy the game from them at a discounted price. Now like my subscription I pay $24 for 2 discs at a time. So what I do Is i play one while i'm waiting on the other game to arrive, once im done with one game I start on the next while i'm waiting on the next game to be shipped and so i'm never bored waiting on my next game to get here, and it only takes about 4 days to get the next game. Also Gamefly has sales all the time and you can get most newly released games for multiple systems, as well as movies. Gamefly also has an awards program so you earn money to spend on games while you are subscribed.

So in short i really recommend Gamefly I really think you should try them out, if you have any questions or comments please don't hesitate to leave them below.

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