DETROIT: Becoming Human

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Today I wanna talk about a game that has been out for a little while now, before we ever created this site, but I wanted to take the time to review this game not only because my biased love for the game but also because I feel like it has a story relative to what's going on in america today?

If you haven't played Detroit: Becoming Human it's a story based action adventure game that released in 2018 developed by Quantic Dreams. If your not familiar with Quantic Dreams they make really in depth story based games that almost appear to be a live action film and often have well known actors voice acting and even character modeled as the in game characters. They are best known for the games Heavy Rain(2010) and Beyond Two Souls(2013) starring Ellen paige who you may know as Kitty Pryde in the X-Men films as well as Vanya Hargreeves in the Netflix comic based show The Umbrella Academy, and Willem Dafoe who is popularly known as Green Goblin or Norman Osborn in the Spider man films.

Following the path of the past two mentioned games by Quantic Dreams, Detroit follows the path of several different playable characters, through different playable scenes where the player can interact with different objects and people and then during climatic cut scenes the player will have quick paced timed actions normally in the style of random button to press or shaking or turning the controller in a different way or sometimes pressing a correct sequence of buttons repetitively. Although this may sound weird to some who have never played story based games either by Quantic Dreams or some from the likes of TellTale games, Quantic Dreams has a way of making it feel naturally, and almost life like.

Detroit almost feels more like an interactive movie in a unique way that allows the player to make crucial decisions throughout the game that can affect later parts of the game and ultimately decide your fate and the fate of the other characters by the end of the game. Which adds a pretty good bit of replay value to the game which I honestly find missing from a lot of games being released nowadays. I've personally played through Detroit four times and each time have still found new things within the game based on my decisions, and from what I've seen either on the web or by judging from my missing PS4 trophies that there is still more for me to discover by playing it a 5th and maybe even a 6th time.

Now as for the story the player plays throughout the game as 3 different players who are all androids in the not too distant future where androids are a big thing and are sold in stores and used in every day to day life. So as the player you get to see the story take place in 3 very different point of views. The first character you play as is Android Detective Agent Connor who is assigned to assist LT. Hank Anderson in a case involving rogue androids murdering humans. As Connor you will play through the game investigating different crime scenes trying to solve your case all while dealing with your angry, anti-android, alcoholic partner Hank, and struggling through your own inner problems; are you machine or are you human.

The second playable character goes by the name of Marcus who is basically a butler/helper/ some kind of assistant android who assist and elderly and disabled rich man who is some kind of famous painter or artist. As the story unfolds Marcus is accused of a heinous crime and sentenced to be destroyed and tossed in a landfill which miraculously survives. As Marcus you go through the game basically starting a revolution for your fellow androids and you complete tasks or events that work towards the freedom of your people weather the choices be good and bad, and like Marcus ultimately decide are you machine or are you human.

The third character you play as in the game is the nanny/maid android named Kara, who is owned by a raging alcoholic drug addict man and his daughter Alice. After a night of confrontation with the father Kara and Alice escape together. As Kara the player goes through the game trying to escape america into Canada where androids are safe all while staying 1 step ahead of the police including Connor and while trying to protect and take care of the little girl Alice and once again answering the question are you a machine or are you human.

The game puts each character in desperate situations forcing the player to make tough decisions altering the course of the game, and developing the character from ordinary android machine to free thinking human like being. And this is given it to you very lightly without revealing any of the spoilers.

Once again Quantic Dreams unleashed an in depth story of a game with beautiful graphics, full of suspense and surprises around every corner. And once again Quantic Dreams brings in the ensemble of actors starring Bryan Dechart(True Blood, Law and Order: Criminal Intent, Jane By Design) as Connor, Jesse Williams(Law and Order, Cabin in The Woods, and Grey's Anatomy) as Marcus, Valorie Curry(Twilight Sage: Breaking Dawn, Blair Witch, The Following, The Tick) as Kara, Clancy Brown(Highlander, Pet Cemetery 2, The Shaw shank Redemption, Daredevil, and The Flash) as Lt. Hank Anderson, Lance Henrickson(Alien, Scream 3, and Hannibal) as the Rich artist elderly man Carl Manfred, and Minka Kelly(Friday Night Lights, Parenthood, Almost Human, The Path and Legends of tomorrow) as sex bot turned android activist called North.

For anyone who loves a good story in a game, and who likes games where you get to make decisions throughout the game, I highly recommend this game. Detroit: Becoming Human is one of my new favorite games and will be a game I will remember for a while now. I also recommend Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls. If i had to rate this game I would give it a 9/10.

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