Confessed Arsonist Talks: Cyberpunk 2077 Part Deux

LazyGamer (LG): Aaaaaaand we’re back! Your day been good so far Mr. Brunswick?

Kaleb Brunswick (KB): Oh sure. Couldn’ ‘ave bad one if I tried.

(LG): I sure am happy to hear that. So, yesterday before we ended our first interview, I believe you began talking about recent gameplay footage of Cyberpunk 2077. The brain synced techno twins, right?

(KB): Yessuh, I was. See, these twins are brain synced. Theys operate cohesively as one unit… uh… part of a mutualistic symbiosis-type deal. I knows whatcha thinkin’, “How you gon’ fight two techno twins in the year 2077? That’s FOUR fists versus two! ‘Ow you gon’ do that?” Well, and I ain’ play the game yet, it looked supuh easy. Real fluid combat. Animations been goin and flowin’ like a… like a…

(LG): Like a fluid?

(KB): Well, yeah. Ain’ like theys push-ovuhs or nuttin’, though. Nah, these some feisty look-alikes: Doppelgänger gangbangers, for sure. Hell, in the concrete jungle of Cybuh Punk 2077, these techno twins behavin’ like straight up apex predators. Shoulda’ called ‘em the Apex Twins. And the effect that the Apex Twins had on the character was very well-balanced and graceful.

(LG): Like a fluid?

(KB): Like a fluid. You evuh hear ‘bout a fall from grace? Lemme tell you ‘bout the potentially negative consequences ‘bout grace and elegance: too much o’ anything gon’ be bad for you.

(LG): Like fluids?

(KB): Even too much fluid bad for you. Ain’ no fire gon’ even mitigate the overwhelmin’ ferocity of too much fluid.

(LG): Fluids…

(KB): Indeed. Tidal waves put out jus’ bout any fire – and that’s what I’m scared of.

(LG): Fluids?

(KB): Fluids? No, not fluids. Too much grace. Too much grace creates a situation one finds hisself inevitably fallin’ from, yeah? Too much grace is what Cybuh Punk 2077 got. I ain’ gon’ lie; all this hype surroundin’ the game makin’ me a little uneasy: queasy, even. Thinkin’ bout this overhype, sometimes I feel like I gon’ lose my lunch…

(LG): Lose your fluids?

(KB): Yeah, you get it. My personal, weak constitution notwithstanding, I still got hopes for the thing: Cybuh Punk, yeah. That fight with them kooky, calm techno twins reignited my flame, and the gameplay footage followin’ the twins sure do fans thems flames. But we can discuss that in our final interview if that’s fine by you, Mr. Fisher.

(LG): Absolutely, Mr. Brunswick.

Join us next time for the exciting conclusion to our first three-part interview!

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