3 Ways to END YOUR BOYFRIEND's Video Gaming Session

Does your hunny bunny play too many video games? Does your boo sometimes neglect the most important thing in his gosh-heckin' life for Dark Souls? Does your bae play, and play and play his PS4 instead of pay, and pay, and pay attention to his girl? If so, you are not alone. These complaints are heard around the world, and I have decided to take it upon myself to help out the ladies with the issue. Below is a comprehensive list of the 3 most effective methods of distracting your sweety from the thing that brings him joy.

  1. Many towns, and cities, and villages have instructional venues that one might be inclined to visit if he or she is in a particular mood and if that particular mood involves longing for a 2 hour, step-by-step, block of instructions. What's this got to do with your pumpkin? Well, why not invite him along to learn how to paint a tree, or build a motor, or systematically infiltrate various government institutions in order to ensure a better tomorrow for you, me, and the children?

  2. Buy him a clock. Now, I understand that this one might not be as obvious of a solution as the above paragraph; nevertheless, I guarantee immediate results after introducing one of these time-tellin'-circles into his natural habitat. Here's how it works. Ole' boy's been home gaming for what seems like centuries, and you NEED attention, stat! Buy him a clock. Soon the stupid ape will forget about whatever video gaming endeavors he is currently engaged in. Now, he will be transfixed by clock. Clock. Man's greatest weakness. We have spent dozens of years trying to figure out just how these things work but alas, our attempts have proved fruitless. At any rate, his momentary lapse of focus, followed by his confusion of clock, will create a need within him. He will need you: his spicy pumkin pie. Now that his attention is on you, the time to strike is imminent. Show him how much you matter by exploring the inner workings of this enigmatic device.j BAM! His attention is now on the thing that matters most.

  3. The first two options always get results; however, there is a third. It's a path less taken, a road not often traveled. You could always just leave him alone. This is ALWAYS an option. Maybe at the moment, whatever is in front of his face is bringing him more joy than you. Maybe. Maybe, you should just chill out and give him the best gift of all -- your silence.