3 Ways Declining the Population of HONEY BEES Can RESURRECT Bloodborne Character and More!

Recently I have been exploring my subscription to PS Now. Out of the many gems on this platform, and there are plenty, Bloodborne has glimmered the most. Nevertheless, I often find myself grinding, and dying, and cursing, and crying whenever I grab the sticks and give it a go. Then, one day a honey bee landed on my left hand while I was hacking my way through the evil villagers occupying Yharnam. Swift action abruptly ended the insect's life and shortly following the altercation, my Bloodborne skills significantly improved. I've always been told that there was a balance in this world: a sort of "circle of life" if you will. Trivial Disney knowledge notwithstanding, I never imagined that I would witness this phenomenon first hand. First, a surge of confidence rose from my base erupting out of my face. What a thrill! Then I began counting my R1 presses, "One, two, three hits on the dude with the fire, and..." what a kill. Soon I was ducking and weaving my way through Old Yharnam, and in no time the little Hunter on the screen looked as if he couldn't die at all. Obviously, that honey bee's death boosted my mojo. Naturally, I explored further, and after a few trial and error runs (many honey bees were harmed during the composition of this article), I had discovered 4 interesting correlations between the declining honey bee population and my Bloodborne skills.

  1. As mentioned in the above intro, there once was a honey bee. This buzzy little insect landed on me. I was scared for him to sting then my hears began to ring, and now he no longer can pee. But seriously, that thing is dead, and removing him from this world filled my very being with elation. My elation led to an increased sense of confidence, and that confidence led to me forgetting about all of the blood echoes I had just lost. I was pretty much resurrected due to the end of this bug. Killing a honey bee improved my gaming. My improved gaming improved my life. HONEY BEE KILL COUNT: 1

  2. I had to explore this phenomenon further. According to the gamer that this gamer watches gaming, I should have beaten the Cleric Beast a looooong time ago. But I didn't. Evidently I'd been dilly-dallying and not erasing enough honey bees from the face of this earth. I remembered my first encounter once more. I knew then what must happen: more honey bees must perish. Furthermore, just merely mentioning more honey bee death propelled through and beyond the werewolves, and the brick trolls, and the villagers, and eventually landed me on the right side of the Cleric Beast. HONEY BEE KILL COUNT: 1

  3. I recall stumbling upon a hive of those little stingy pests. I knew that my recently purchased blowtorch, from amazon.com, would do the trick. Attach the propane. Turn the release valve. Murder the bees. Clarity washed over me during this small atrocity. Nothing could hold my Bloodborne character back from wreaking the necessary havoc needed to complete the game. HONEY BEE KILL COUNT: 9000 (eeeeasily).

So yes, murdering honey bees will improve your Bloodborne game; however, I am not properly equipped to discuss the moral, ethical, and/or legal implications surrounding such a heinous, heinous act. All that I can tell you, humble reader, is that murdering honey bees WILL improve your gaming... and potentially wreck your local ecosystem.