20 Thing Fallout Fans Must See In The Amazon TV Series!

(Pictured below: Vault 76 interior, Fallout 76)

1. Vault Life:

One thing I think fans or even people that are not fans would like to see is what it was like or is like living inside one of the vaults. This is something we got to experience a little of in Fallout 3. I would honestly like to see the whole first season of the show take place inside a vault only to lead to the season finale finally allowing the star character to escape in to the world of atomic apocalypse. With this scenario it would allow for more episodes and a more in depth dive into the Fallout Universe. I think starting the show off with the character leaving the vault weather in attempt to recreate the scenarios in Fallout 4 or Fallout 76 would leave to many unanswered questions for new fans of the Franchise. Also I think this would be a real good way to explore the Scientific experiments happening inside the vaults and The Company behind these twisted experiments Vault-Tec.

(Pictured below: Vault 101 cafeteria, Fallout 3)

(Pictured below: Vault Interior, Fallout Shelters)

(Pictured Below: Pip Boy 3000 Model Replica)

2. Pip Boys:

You can't have Fallout without the Iconic Super PC Gauntlet/Smart Watch created by the fictional robotics company ironically named RobCo Industries. The Pip Boy or Personal Information Processor is the most important item in the Fallout Series. The Pip Boy is very rare and is only worn by Vault dwellers. It is very useful and has many features, including vital sign monitoring, Flashlight, Vault Key, Computer Hacking, Radio, GPS, and can even be used to play Audio, Video, Text Files and even video games using what is known in the Fallout Universe as a Holotape. A Vault dweller would wear the Pip Boy on there arm almost like a gauntlet or bracelet. The Pip Boy has a large Monochrome screen and many different dials, and buttons for its features. Although very ahead of its time the Pip Boy was very rustic in design with a steampunk look.

(Pictured Below: PiP Boy 3000 MK Model Replica)

(Pictured below: PiP Boy 2000 MK Model Replica)

(Pictured Below: Rad Storm, Fallout 76)

3.Radiated Rain(Rad Storm):

When I think Fallout TV show I think a suped up Walking Dead show on steroids or in this case atomic mutation. In Fallout one of the dangers of living in an atomic wasteland is the radiated rain which in the games give you radiation poisoning which doesn't damage your health necessarily but reduces your overall HP bar. I would like to see the writers of the show some how feature this in some way.

(Pictured Below: Non Feral Ghoul, Fallout 4)

4. Ghouls:

Earlier I mentioned Fallout kinda being like The Walking Dead but on steroids. Well one thing the 2 shows have in common is the Zombie-Like beings. While known as Walkers in The Walking Dead, in Fallout they are referred to as Ghouls. Although similar Ghouls are a lot different than Zombies or Walkers. Ghouls have two types Feral Ghouls and the normal Ghouls. Both are humans who have been mutated and rotted from exposure to direct atomic radiation for the initial atomic blast. They appear almost Zombie-Like of a corpse with missing features and appearing to be melted. Feral Ghouls are wild like zombies and will kill anything on site except for other Ghouls, but unlike Zombies they dont kill to eat flesh they just simply kill, and the thing that makes them most dangerous is they can run, and some are very fast. The good thing is in Fallout the Ghouls don't seem to be as plentiful as Zombies are in other apocalyptic movies as most people simply just died from the atomic blast and some Ghouls did not become feral. Non Feral or normal Ghouls just has the ugly appearance of ghouls and the immortality of a Ghoul but seem to have kept their minds and act as normal functioning member of this Atomic Mutated Universe was like to call Fallout.

(Pictured Below: Feral Ghoul, Fallout: New Vegas).

(Picture Below: T-65 Power Armor, Fallout 76)

5. Power Armor:

Power Armor or Powered Combat Infantry Armor is to Fallout as apple pie is to America. I dont think its necessary for power armor to be a big part of the show but it should make a few appearances or cameos. In the Fallout games finding or obtaining this legendary armor is a God send. Power armor comes in a variety of models all with unique appearances but one thing they all have in common is they make the character almost physically invincible at least until the armor runs out of power or is destroyed itself, it protects the wearer from an array of physical damage including melee and Fire arms and even from falling from great heights. Power armors also gives the characters protection from radiation.

(Pictured Below: Various Power armor types).

(Pictured Below: V.A.T.S., Fallout 4)

6. V.A.T.S.:

I don't know how the writers could pull this off in the show and explain it in a way that just doesn't sound ridiculous in some fashion, so this ones a little iffy. V.A.T.S. in Fallout stands for Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System. It was first featured in Fallout 3 as a way to mimic the ability to target specific body parts on an enemy in the turn based combat system of Fallout and Fallout 2. Although it's never really explained what V.A.T.S. is or how its integrated into the lore of Fallout, it's basically an ability the characters possesses. In some games like Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas the activating V.A.T.S. actually pauses real time, while in others like Fallout 4 it merely slows down times, either way it allows the player to target specific body parts allowing critical damage to an enemy and even one-shot execution kills in some cases. If I was the writer I would somehow include this in the effects offered by the PIP Boy or Power Armor.

(Pictured Below: Super Mutants, Fallout 3)

7. Super Mutants: Super Mutants are another big bad monster in the Fallout Universe. Just when you thought feral ghouls and radiated rain was enough. Super Mutants are mutated humans, products of infection by the Forced Evolutionary Virus(FEV). They are much taller, bulkier, and more muscular than pure strain humans, have predominantly green, gray, or yellowish skin, are immune to disease and radiation, and are gifted with superhuman strength and endurance. Although they are completely sterile, the rapid regeneration of their cells caused by FEV makes them virtually biologically immortal (but not immune to death from injury).

(Pictured Below: Supermutants, Fallout)

(Pictured Below: The Institute Logo)

8. The Institute:

So the Institute has only been mentioned or featured in Fallout 4 so far. But for a TV show I think The Institute is what the show would need to add for an exciting run. Even if not brought in till several seasons later. The Institute is an advanced scientific organization based in the Commonwealth. It is known and feared for its ability to produce advanced synthetic humans(also known as synths) of high enough quality to pass as true humans. The secretive nature of the Institute has turned it into somewhat of a boogeyman figure on the surface, and its presence is a major cause of paranoia for the people of the Commonwealth.

(Pictured Below: Institute underground lab interior, Fallout 4)

(Pictured Below: Institute Synth creation machine, Fallout 4)

(Pictured Below: Nuka Cola Ad Poster featuring Rocket Girl)

9. Nuka Cola:

Nuka Cola in the Fallout Universe is basically the same as Coca Cola in our universe. Nuka Cola is the flagship product of the Nuka-Cola Corporation and one of the symbols of United States culture. Introduced in 2044, it rapidly dominated the soft drink market, eventually becoming the most popular soda on the market and a staple of American culture. Bottled and distributed nationwide, Nuka-Cola was available in such numbers that even two centuries after the Great War put a stop to all bottling operations, Nuka-Cola bottles can still be found in the wastelands in large quantities. In the aftermath of the Great War, Nuka-Cola bottle caps became the de facto currency in most post-War societies. In the Fallout games Nuka Cola came in 8 different verieties of flavor including Nuka Cola(Original), Nuka Cherry, Nuka Grape, Nuka Orange, Nuka Cranberry, Nuka Dark, Nuka Quantum, Nuka Quartz, Nuka Victory and Nuka Wild.

(Pictured Below: Various Nuka Cola Flavors)

(Picture Below: Nuka Cola Quantum, Fallout 4)

(Pictured Below: Worn Nuka Cola Vending Machine, Fallout 4)

(Pictured Below: Deathclaw, Fallout 4)

10. DeathClaws:

In the world of Fallout the infamously feared deathclaw is the apex predator. Deathclaws are genetically modified reptilian monsters developed by the U.S. government to replace humans on the battlefield. After the great war a lot of the deathclaws escaped into the wilderness free to roam and kill what they please. Deathclaws would be the perfect element to make the Fallout show action packed or even scary.

(Pictured Below: Buffout, Fallout 4)

11. Chems:

Chems are just another word for drugs in the Fallout Universe, and like in our own universe chems are everywhere in Fallout. And just like the drugs now in Fallout Chems not only offer the play an array of different abilities and effects but they can also cause a lot of side effects and initially harm the player especially with prolonged use. Some common chems featured in fallout are Buffout, Jet, and Psycho.

(Pictured Below: Jet Inhaler, Fallout 4)

(Pictured Below: Psycho Injection, Fallout 4)

(Pictured Below: Sweet Roll, Fallout 4)

12. Sweet Rolls:

Sweet Rolls are s special treat not only in the Fallout Universe but also in the Elder Scrolls Universe leaving fans to believe the 2 universes are connected. They are a tasty sugar glazed covered pastry treasured throughout Fallout and can be found almost everywhere.

(Pictured Below: Brotherhood of Steel logo)

13. Brotherhood of Steel:

Often referred to as the BoS, the Brotherhood has been featured in one way or another in each Fallout game as some sort of faction. In Fallout the BoS is a Techno Religiouse military group. In a Fallout show the BoS would be a perfect story arc as a group of antagonist or group of Anti Heroes. To some the BoS may seem like noble heroes. But due to them being prone to violence and their prejudice against anything not human (namely Synths and Ghouls)

(Pictured Below: BoS soldier and flag, Fallout 76)

(Pictured Below: BoS Leader Arthur Maxson, Fallout 4)

(Pictured Below: Gen 1. Synth, Fallout 4)

14. Synths:

Synths are one of the many race of beings in the Fallout Universe. In Elders scrolls you have Nords, and Elves and Khajiit etc. etc. Well in Fallout you have Humans, Ghouls, Super Mutants, and Synth or Synthetic Humanoids all referred to as Androids in Fallout 3. In Fallout 4 Synths are explained as Robotic humanoids created by the institute to help them explore the world above their underground laboratory without having to leave themselves. Some of the early model synths had skeletal features but later models appear to look exactly like humans without know way of Physically telling them apart. Synths would be a great element to add to the Fallout show and to separate it from other post apocalyptic shows like The Walking Dead's. Also with Synths being featured it would allow them to feature our next character on the list.

(Pictured Below: Gen 2. Synth, Fallout 4)

(Pictured Below: Gen 3. Synth, Fallout 4)

(Pictured Below: Synth Courser, Fallout 4)

(Pictured Below: Nick Valentine, Fallout 4)

15. Nick Valentine:

Even if the show doesn't follow the path of Fallout 4, even if they don't feature Synths in the show, Nick Valentine must make an appearance. He is a favorite of the Fallout characters and would be a unique and memorable character for the show. In Fallout 4 Nick Valentine is a Synth created by the Institute. His model is unknown as he is a little more advanced than the first model of Synth but not quite as advanced as the latest models, Nick describes himself as somewhere in between. Nick has been uploaded with the memories of a famous Noir detective and runs his own Valentine Detective agency until joining your character in Fallout 4.

(Pictured Below: Nick Valentine, Fallout 4)

(Pictured Below: Dogmeat, Fallout 4)

16. Dog Meat:

Dog Meat is another beloved character in the Fallout Universe. Dog Meat appears in some shape form or fashion in most of the Fallout games. In Fallout 1 and 2 he appears as some scary black dog, in Fallout 3 he appears as some type of Cattle dog, and in both Fallout 4 and Fallout Shelters he is a German Shepherd. Dog Meat would be a great companion to the main characters in the show having him follow the character everywhere and just like in the games he can help him find things or sense in coming danger.

(Pictured Below: Dogmeat, Fallout 3 & Fallout: New Vegas)

(Pictured Below: Mr. Handy, Fallout 4)

17. Mr. Handy bots/ or Codsworth:

Mr. Handy was a multipurpose robot developed to help families around the house during day to day activities. Developed by the fictional company General Atomic International in conjunction with RobCo Industries. Mr. Handy bots can be seen throughout the fallout series both inside the vaults and in the open world. The Mr. Handy robots have become some sort of icon for the Fallout series including the character Codsworth in Fallout 4. These robots would add a fun and unique element to the Fallout show that would add joy to many Fallout fans faces.

(Pictured Below: Mr. Handy Box, Fallout 4)

(Pictured Below: Codsworth, Fallout 4)

(Pictured Below: The Railroad Logo)

18. The Railroad:

The Railroad is another group or faction first introduced in Fallout 4 and I believe they would make for a great on going story arc in the Fallout TV Series. The Railroad is an underground movement with a primary aim of freeing sentient synths from their creators at the Institute, making them prime enemies of both The Institute and the Brotherhood of Steel. Kind of like The Institute they normally work quietly in the shadows from underground hideouts.

(Pictured Below: Railroad leader Desdemona, Fallout 4)

(Pictured Below: Railroad member name The Deacon, Fallout 4)

(Pictured Below: Railroad Members, Fallout 4)

(Pictured Below: Radroach, Fallout 4)

19. Rad Roaches:

Among all the genetically mutated beasts in Fallout. The Rad Roaches are the most consistent and are a must in a Fallout TV show. I mean who doesn't wanna see people get ate up by a group of Man eating cockroaches the size of a medium size dog, am I right?

(Pictured Below: Mysterious Stranger Symbol, Fallout Shelters)

20. The Mysterious Stranger: Hmm the Mysterious stranger... Ain't much more mysterious or strange than the Mysterious Stranger of Fallout. In the games he will randomly pop up in battle to lend the player a helping hand only to disappear at the end of battle. Normally seen as a skinny man wearing a 1950s Noir style tan trench coat and bowler hat. I think this would be a very cool character to have appearing in random scenes throughout the show alot like how he does in the game, maybe arriving and helping the lead character in random events that would otherwise seem impossible.

(Pictured Below: The Mysterious Stranger, Fallout 3 & Fallout: New Vegas)

(Pictured Below: The Mysterious Stranger, Fallout 4)

And that's it of our list of things that should be featured in the Fallout TV Series coming to Amazon Prime. If you don't have Amazon Prime you can up for it here starting at $5.99 a month for free streaming Television, Movies, and music as well as Free shipping on all Amazon products and a ton of other great features.

If you have any other ideas of articles you would like to see us cover or any things from the Fallout franchise you would like to see on the show or thought should make apart of this list please let us know in the comments below.

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